It’s strange how easy it is to get out of the habit of blogging.  I’ve just realised that I haven’t blogged anything since June and for some reason it’s surprised me how easy it is to stop writing blog posts.  Now I could make the excuse that ‘well, it was the summer, and I’ve had some leave, and there were other things to do… projects to finish, new ones to start, and catching up with email backlogs etc etc’  But it wasn’t a conscious decision that I wouldn’t write anything.  Thinking about why I decided to have a blog … it was to track a personal journey into academic libraries – and that hasn’t changed – I’m still findng out about the domain, there’ s still new and different and interesting things happening. 

So if I think back to the things I’ve been blogging about over the last year and a half.  Have there been fewer things going on to blog about?  Well – maybe a few less things – some of the staff development sessions have hibernated over the summer – no coffee mornings, podium sessions or Staff Development Hour events to blog about – so that takes out a chunk of potential topics – and thinking about it a fair few blog posts were about those sorts of topics either directly or triggered off by them.

But, that’s not the whole story.  I was at the JISC User Activity Data workshop back in July and haven’t blogged about that.  And I was reminded of it by the article in todays CILIP Gazette on the fantastic work being done at Huddersfield relating student achievement with library use  I’ve been involved in a JISC-funded linked data project at the OU called Lucero and went to one of the Talis Platform days (highly recommended by the way) and I haven’t blogged about that. Neither have I blogged about the new aggregated search system that we are implementing or the Telstar developments that we’re rolling-out.

So, there’s been enough to blog about.  And I’ve drafted a blog post – but not committed it to screen.  Well, was it boredom with blogging ?- no I don’t think so – I’ve found it a useful way of being more reflective, and I’ve had a bit of feedback.  Am I doing something else with the time instead of blogging?  Well, yes I suppose so, but not anything conscious.  So is it a mental discipline thing?  Maybe…?   I’ve never kept a diary so don’t have a habit of regularly committing thoughts to paper or screen.  So maybe it’s an add-on activity – something to do when I’ve the time or particular motivation to write something. 

But I want to carry on blogging stuff – and I suppose academic libraries go a little bit quiet over the summer and now we are in a new financial year with a new set of plans, new projects and staff development session timetables are out, and I’ve still got my notes from the events over the summer and have had some time to think things through and put them into some form of perspective.  So, there’s really no excuse is there?