I spent a load of time the other day updating the ipad to ios 4.3.5.   The new OS version had some security updatesipad screenshot and the ipad hadn’t been updated since I had first got it.  So it seemed like a sensible thing to do.  What I wasn’t prepared for was quite what a dispiriting experience it turned out to be.   I worked out that the upgrade had to be done with the ipad connected to a PC.  OK, so perhaps not quite what you’d expect from an internet connected device (and something that apparently will change with ios 5 http://www.apple.com/ios/ios5/features.html with the PC Free feature).  But the device complained that it wasn’t connected to the same PC that it had originally been setup from and took an age to download the update files.  It seemed quite keen on giving you the option to reset it back to its original settings and less obviously give you the option to backup the device to the PC.

It seemed to me that there was an underlying assumption with the device that you were going to be wanting to synchronise what was on your PC with the ipad rather than taking stuff from the ipad to the PC. When I’m increasingly (and I doubt I’m alone) using the ipad as my main day to day device when on the move I’m more likely to want to push stuff from the ipad to the PC.  And using different PCs (work/home etc) is going to be normal, and I’m not necessarily going to want to sync everything across all the devices all the time.

Once the update had finally finished I then discovered that it had messed up all the ipad apps that I’d downloaded since I’d had the ipad. They would open for a second and then close. After a bit of browsing around various Apple forums I tried several different solutions, watching videos and reinstalling various apps.  I’ve ended up removing and reinstalling some of them and then frustratingly realising that the tweetdeck ipad app was no longer available to be reinstalled.

All in all not a particularly impressive experience, strangely reminiscent of early Windows updates that could be a bit hit and miss, and not something that you really expect from an Apple device at all.