I blogged nearly a month ago some reflections on our latest funding bid https://libwebrarian.wordpress.com/2011/09/15/reflections-on-our-latest-funding-bid/ and sitting at the FOTE conference yesterday an email popped up with the outcome of the bid.  [I’m not sure why but I’m still not really used to the pervasive nature of modern email access.  I suppose although there has been remote access to systems for a long time, through dial-in, VPN and suchlike, maybe there has always been a bit of a process involved in logging into the VPN or a website and then opening up an email client that seemed a bit laborious.  Or at any rate laborious enough to be able to put off doing it.  But with tablets and smartphones email setup, email just appears along with tweets and other messages.  It just seems a bit easy now.  I guess perhaps I’m still not used to the ease of working remotely now, something you take for granted.  But sometimes when you think about it, it’s actually something pretty remarkable.]

Anyway, I was a bit surprised to hear about the outcome of the bid so quickly, but really pleased to hear that we were successful.  So, something else new to do, that’s really exciting for us and I’m sure I’ll probably blog a bit about in the next few months as we get going on project MACON.