On my way to work this morning on a typical grey and murky November morning it seemed to me that I tend to associate particular months with distinct colours.  The murky, foggy November days seeming to characterise the month as grey.

So if November is grey, then December is black, with a few bright lights shining in the dark, with dark mornings and evenings and the lights of christmas decorations and markets. [I’ve just realised that my twitter picture Edinburgh fairground wheelis exactly that with a picture of the bright lights of a fairground wheel at night – actually taken in December on Princes Street in Edinburgh] .

January I think of as white, with frost and possible snow, maybe slightly grey-tinged and slushy.  February seems to be a brighter white to me, of snowdrops and more snow, while March brings to mind the ecclesiastical purple of crocuses with a dash of bright saffron.

As the year moves on in April the bright yellow of daffodils seems to be the colour that to me represents the real signs of the warmer weather to come .  Which leads into May, a bright, fresh yellowy-green, of new shoots and crispness.  June, somehow brings to mind a sound of skylarks and songbirds rather than a colour and then into July, with blue skies and blue seas, a bright piercing colour.

August seems to me to be orange, a bright firey golden colour of burning sun and abundant flowers, while September a paler yellow turning into a darker red as leaves turn to their autumn shades.   For October what comes to mind is brown, of trees bare of leaves, of mud, of colder, damper times.

A strange set of reflections maybe but something to think about over my lunchbreak.  A break from thinking about websites and funding bids etc whilst eating lunch.