Apple iOS 5.0.1 update screenshotSo the first update for iOS5 seems to be out, iOS 5.0.1, and it seemed a good chance to try out how the updates work now you don’t have to do them through being connected up to itunes on the PC.

The first sign that there was an update available was a message on screen and also a red icon on the corner of the Settings icon (the same as you see against the Apps icon whenever there is an update.  When you go into settings there’s a 1 against General and then against the Software Update setting under General.  Running the update seems pretty straightforward.  The screen goes blank and you get an Apple logo and a progress bar, once that completes it goes blank again then you get another Apple logo and progress bar.  Once completed it takes you to the ‘unlock’ screen.

All in all a pretty painless operation that took about five minutes.  It’s good that you don’t have to link it up to the PC but I do wonder about how you are supposed to back-out of it if it goes wrong.  How do you restore it?, from icloud somehow?