After a couple of years of having the same header on this blog I’ve been thinking for a little time that I wanted to update the header on the site.  I did wonder about changing the whole look and feel of the blog and go for a new layout but for the time being I’ve settled for a new header. The original header was based on the blog title shown with a circuit board infil for each of the letters, just as something slightly different to the usual shaded text.  The immediate trigger for changing the header was a new free logo creator site tweeted about by Phil Bradley at the end of last week and listed on his ‘I want to…’ blog here.

logotypemaker website screenshotThe site at lets you create your own logo by typing in the words you want to appear in your logo and then it shows you some sample logos.  You can refresh the page to show more alternatives or pick one of the logos and change the colours, fonts and images to give you the effect you want.

logotypemaker screenshot of selection screenYou can set the logo with a black, white or transparent background and resize it to fit your requirements. Once you have finished your changes you can save/export it as PNG, PDF or as a zipped PNG file.

For my new blog header I settled for a black background and used the Hattori Hanzo Light font for the text.  I kept the reflection effect as it seemed to work quite well on the black background and I’ve always liked that type of effect (and probably overuse shadows and reflections in graphics and presentations).

logotypemaker screenshot of edit screenFor some reason I wasn’t able to download the PNG version of the image and the zipped version didn’t crop correctly when I picked the 720×180 pixel size I needed for the blog header.  So I ended up using the PDF version and then just selecting the image and resizing it in to get the right size and proportions.

As a free tool I’m quite impressed with it.  It’s obviously not as powerful as a full-spec drawing package but it’s a good starting point if you aren’t that skilled at creating images from scratch.  The tool also seems to let you upload your own images, so if you have something you want to incoporate into your logo you can add it in.  It looks like a useful addition to the range of tools that are available across the web.