Wordpress encouragement message Just recently wordpress.com has started to flag up the number of blog posts that you’ve published with the sort of message you see on the left.   As well as telling you how many blog posts you’ve published you also get a target generated by wordpress.  When I first saw it I thought OK, so there’s a goal I wonder what’s at the end of the goal.  Well, actually, nothing, other than a seamingly random quotation, Oh, and another target.   So I’m really not quite sure of the point of it.  Done 101 blog posts, well, why not aim for 105.  Well, I will write more if I’ve something I want to say, but I’m not sure about an artificial target that has no objective other than achieving the target. 

Now I realise that wordpress.com is free at the point of use to the blogger, so maybe you shouldn’t expect anything extra for nothing, but blog more just to reach some arbitrary target doesn’t seem like much of an incentive. But maybe the prize is the little quotation and I’ve missed the point entirely?