I noticed this morning a blog post on the Wellcome Library plans to build a cloud-based digital library platform, ‘Moving the Wellcome Library to the cloud‘  It’s a fascinating piece of news.  The Wellcome Library’s amibition and scale, talking about having over 30m digitised pages by 2018 and about building a platform that could potentially be made use of by others is interesting to see.

As we’ve seen with Library Management Systems, cloud-based systems are becoming commonplace but where digital libraries seem to be concerned, most of them are operated as locally hosted systems.   The article also talks about the use of IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework)  which is something for digital libraries to take notice of.  It also flags some developments to Wellcome’s media player to create a new Universal Viewer to handle video, audio and other material.  Given how tricky we’ve found getting accesible media players it will be interesting to keep an eye on these developments.

Mention of APIs, commodity services and APIs are also in scope.  Something definitely to watch for the future.