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New mobile search screenhotThe new version of our mobile search for our library website went live earlier in the week.  This uses the Ebsco discovery API to access licensed resources.  There’s a screenshot on the left as access is I’m afraid limited to OU students and staff.  The new version owes a lot to the work of the developer on the MACON project and has been adapted by our library website developer (@beersoft).  Access to be mobile version can be gained from a link on the bottom right of the desktop version or by autodection if you are already on a mobile device.

New features include showing the last five items that you have viewed as well as your last ten searches.  These are features that are thought to be particularly useful for mobile users as the less time spent fiddling around with retyping URLs or search strings the better.   The feature also includes access to an advanced search screen that allows Keyword, Author, title, Published after and Published before searches.

Search results appear within the interface with the search words highlighted.  You can choose to have 10, 25 or 50 results per page.  Links to the item take you to the EBSCO interface, or, if there is a DOI, to the publisher website via an EZProxy link.   It looks like a nice step forward with the search system and it’s good when work that is strongly influenced by work from projects like MACON and RISE gets through into service.


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